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Buy pet tropical fish for your tropical fish tank stock and

Save 50 to 70%
over wholesale
We are Direct Importers from overseas.

When you buy from us you bypass the wholesaler... and yet are able to buy as little as one box.

We act as an intermediary between you and the overseas shipper.

Customers recieve a complete list of inventory from every country.

East Coast Tranship, Inc.

International Agents and tropical fish wholesale suppliers of tropical fish wholesale for the tropical fish store trade only.

We supply tropical fish wholesale To:

Washington DC - Maryland - Virginia

Alexandria - Annapolis - Arlington - Catonsville - College Park - Columbia Dundalk - Essex - Gaithersburg - Glen Burnie - Manassas - Pikeville Potomac - Randallstown - Rockville - Rosedale - Silver Spring Towson - Wheaton

Other East Coast Cities (call about your city if not listed)

Boston, MA - Charlotte, NC - Columbus, OH - Indianapolis, IN Louisvilly, KY - Manchester, NH - Nashville, TN - Philadelphia, PA Raleigh/Durham, NC - St Louis, MO - Trenton, NJ - Wilmington, DE

We supply tropical freshwater fish wholesale from:

Singapore Bangkok Hong Kong Jakarta Guyana Calcutta Brazil Columbia Trinidad Malaysia and many other countries worldwide.

We ship weekly with high quality, consistent service and offer guarantees on our shipments with only a few exceptions.

Angelfish - Barbs - Cichlids - Betta Fish - Lionfish Brackfish - Danio - Discus - Gourami - Killi Loach - Molly - Platty - Rasbora - Shark Swordtail - Tetra - Crab - Lobster - Rainbow Shrimp - Glassfish - Knifefish - Oscar
and other popular and unique species for tropical fish aquariums

Serving pet stores licensed in your state with a Federal Tax ID number only.

East Coast Tranship, Inc.

Shipping in the United States From Washington, D.C. & Baltimore, MD - USA

Fish originating from all countries shipped every Monday morning!

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